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You’ll shoot your eye out, kid

As promised, this is going to be my second (and final for a while) post of festive, holiday cocktails.  Last time we did Dale Degroff’s Royal Gingersnap.  This time we are going to do one from the December, 2011 issue of Imbibe Magazine called “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”.  This… Read More »You’ll shoot your eye out, kid

Famous Riffs

I think for the next couple of weeks, we’ll take a bit of a departure from our usual aesthetic and relive a couple our more whimsical holiday jocularities.  After that, I promise, we’ll get serious-for at least a while. So our first stop on Santa’s barhopping express (I guess when… Read More »Famous Riffs


Last Friday, the lab decided it needed a “spontaneous act of happy hour” at Briana’s house.  She had the comestible well in hand, which left the libation in our hands.  Knowing gin was a popular favorite with all of the revelers, my mind wandered the the Negroni. Tasty, portable and… Read More »Negroni

Festive and Fizzy

B informed me she wanted some thing festive and fizzy this afternoon.  After a bit of mouth-agape monkey-trying-to-solve-a-Rubik’s-cube thinking, she reminded me that she had found a recipe for a drink called a Kir Royale 38.  Loyal readers of the blog (and other mythical creatures) will recall that we have… Read More »Festive and Fizzy


As college towns go, it’s been my contention that we have long suffered a dearth of suitable drinking establishments.  Well, a couple of weeks ago that situation markedly improved with our new Irish public house, Devere’s. And there’s a lot to like about Devere’s Pub—a back bar fresh from Ireland… Read More »Emerald

The Widow’s Kiss

I have to confess that I found this one looking for something with Calvados in it.  In looking at it, it had pretty much everything I love. It’s old. It’s chock-full of screwball booze.  Also, it turns out to be really good as well. David Wondrich gives credit to a… Read More »The Widow’s Kiss

Agricole Daiquiri

This twist on the classic involves one of my favorite things… quirky booze.  This time it’s rhum agricole.   All rum is originally fermented from sugar (it’s what makes it rum instead of  say brandy, which uses fruit, or whiskey that uses grain).  Most rums use molasses.  What makes rhum… Read More »Agricole Daiquiri

Limoncello Fizzy Sangria

Admittedly “Limoncello Fizzy Sangria” is a bit of a deviation (some might even go as far as deviant) from the usual vintage cocktail vibe of this blog.  I can only offer two items in my defense… summer and patio.   For me, if you combine those two, you wind up… Read More »Limoncello Fizzy Sangria

Vieux Carré

I just realized that it’s been exactly six months since my last post.  Wow.  I knew I had been putting this off a bit, but this is even more serious procrastination that I’m normally capable of.  I definitely planned on doing this one for Fat Tuesday, but as you can… Read More »Vieux Carré