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Desert Island Bourbon

I was sitting in my chair having my usual nightcap and contemplating how the news feed on my phone seems to be alarmingly full of opinion pieces about bourbon earnestly provided by a whole range of sources from the venerable to the seriously dubious. Most are along the theme of… Read More »Desert Island Bourbon

Mon Nouvel Ami

This is another in our new series of cocktails from David Lebovitz‘s Drinking French…. This one is actually David’s riff on a classic cocktail invented by famed Parisian bartender Harry MacElhone of Harry’s New York Bar, appearing in his 1922 edition of Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails. MacElhone’s orignal Old… Read More »Mon Nouvel Ami

Tangerine Spritz

This is the first in series of cocktails from David Lebovitz‘s Drinking French… B got this book when it came out last week. We (and B, especially) have been long time fans of David Lebovitz;s cookbooks and blog. I think the first one we ever go was his ice cream… Read More »Tangerine Spritz

The Fitzgerald Cocktail

Admittedly, 2019 was not a prolific year for Molecular Drinking. To help get 2020 off to a more auspicious start, our Meyer lemon tree decided to be absurdly prolific in 2019. So, with an abundance of lemons in hand, we had to find a drink. A little digging turned up… Read More »The Fitzgerald Cocktail

Ideal Cocktail

I was perusing the newly revised edition of the Waldorf Astoria Bar Book that my in laws gave me this past Christmas, when I ran across a tipple that looked rather promising. I, to again reiterate, am not a martini fan, so when I found a gin and vermouth-based cocktail… Read More »Ideal Cocktail

Pomegranate Margarita

Pomegranate Margarita

There are times when circumstances necessitate invention.  It’s pomegranate season here and we have a lot of them.  We also have a serious juicer.  Normally I’m a fan of just drinking tequila straight (Herradura reposada is my go to) with only a warm summer sunset to accompany it.  Basically, I… Read More »Pomegranate Margarita

Cappelletti Spritz

B was exceptionally generous this birthday and indulged my love of obscure booze.  To this end, I got two different amaro that I didn’t have, Cappelletti and Averna.  Fortunately, my birthday last year also provided me with Brad Thomas Parsons‘ book Amaro. There were several recipes for both of these… Read More »Cappelletti Spritz

Spring Is in the Air

Spring is here.  The plum tree is in bloom–okay, it’s the first year. And when I say in bloom, I mean “It has a bloom”. Even the doves are getting frisky. What the first warm days of spring require is unalloyed frivolity.  I figure that has to mean bubbles.  I… Read More »Spring Is in the Air

Orange Season

It’s currently orange season here in California, and our orange tree has been fruitful.  This poses a bit of a challenge as orange juice is not an easy juice to make cocktails with. It tends to be too sweet and doesn’t have a flavor that pairs well with other strong… Read More »Orange Season