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Tangerine Spritz

This is the first in series of cocktails from David Lebovitz‘s Drinking French… B got this book when it came out last week. We (and B, especially) have been long time fans of David Lebovitz;s cookbooks and blog. I think the first one we ever go was his ice cream… Read More »Tangerine Spritz

Negroni Sbagliato

As summer is winding to a close (okay, we live in California; please don’t hate us. Okay, go ahead.) we thought we would have one more fling with the those classics of summer frivolity, the spritz.  This item we are going with probably one of our favorites, the Negroni Sbagliato.… Read More »Negroni Sbagliato

Venetian Spritz

Summer’s decidedly underway here, and to celebrate (actually an anniversary gift), B gave me a copy of Spritz: Italy’s Most Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail, with Recipes.   We decided to go for a couple of classics, before wading into the modern machinations. Spritz’s originally started out in the 1800’s as a way… Read More »Venetian Spritz

Sangria de Jamaica

Summer is upon us and B and I decided today to relax on the patio after a day of helping to pot some plants at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. We went with a sangria of our own creation. What makes this one unique is that we us a traditional… Read More »Sangria de Jamaica

Champagne Whiskey Punch

Summer is the season for festive and refreshing (if slightly frivolous) imbibing with great friends.  I originally made this frivolously festive tipple a couple years back for the adherents of the Bacchic Villa after finding the recipe in an issue of Imbibe Magazine.  Apparently this marvelous potation is the creation… Read More »Champagne Whiskey Punch

Django Reinhardt

It has been a bit hot here lately.  And by a bit, I mean “cook you brain/even the cactus looks PO’d hot”.  So when B & I were thinking about what to drink, it had to be something on the lighter side, but as it was evening,  we wanted something… Read More »Django Reinhardt


Owing to a concatenation of circumstances, I now realize that I haven’t had a new post in far too long.  Those same circumstances are now compelling me to make the first post ever without a post–ironic in light of the fact that I have several drinks photographed but not written… Read More »Sangria

Festive and Fizzy

B informed me she wanted some thing festive and fizzy this afternoon.  After a bit of mouth-agape monkey-trying-to-solve-a-Rubik’s-cube thinking, she reminded me that she had found a recipe for a drink called a Kir Royale 38.  Loyal readers of the blog (and other mythical creatures) will recall that we have… Read More »Festive and Fizzy

Limoncello Fizzy Sangria

Admittedly “Limoncello Fizzy Sangria” is a bit of a deviation (some might even go as far as deviant) from the usual vintage cocktail vibe of this blog.  I can only offer two items in my defense… summer and patio.   For me, if you combine those two, you wind up… Read More »Limoncello Fizzy Sangria

Kir Royale

Tonight is one of those great summer evenings. There’s a cool breeze blowing in off the Sacramento River delta. The blackberries in the sorbet are at their sweetest. The perfect cocktail to round out this evening, a Kir Royale.  The first time I ran across this drink was a tweet… Read More »Kir Royale