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A Civilized Respite…

Mom and Teresa flew in for Thanksgiving. Mom, fresh from Australia, and T, fresh-ish from Cuba.   After a decidedly gluttonous gorging of turkey, we set to decorating 22 feet of Christmas trees.   Obviously, with a campaign of magnitude, fortification is required.  Fortunately, T, brought me back a great souvenir… Read More »A Civilized Respite…

Champagne Whiskey Punch

Summer is the season for festive and refreshing (if slightly frivolous) imbibing with great friends.  I originally made this frivolously festive tipple a couple years back for the adherents of the Bacchic Villa after finding the recipe in an issue of Imbibe Magazine.  Apparently this marvelous potation is the creation… Read More »Champagne Whiskey Punch

You’ll shoot your eye out, kid

As promised, this is going to be my second (and final for a while) post of festive, holiday cocktails.  Last time we did Dale Degroff’s Royal Gingersnap.  This time we are going to do one from the December, 2011 issue of Imbibe Magazine called “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”.  This… Read More »You’ll shoot your eye out, kid

Famous Riffs

I think for the next couple of weeks, we’ll take a bit of a departure from our usual aesthetic and relive a couple our more whimsical holiday jocularities.  After that, I promise, we’ll get serious-for at least a while. So our first stop on Santa’s barhopping express (I guess when… Read More »Famous Riffs