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Pomegranate Margarita

Pomegranate Margarita

There are times when circumstances necessitate invention.  It’s pomegranate season here and we have a lot of them.  We also have a serious juicer.  Normally I’m a fan of just drinking tequila straight (Herradura reposada is my go to) with only a warm summer sunset to accompany it.  Basically, I… Read More »Pomegranate Margarita


So funny story… My parents and aunt and uncle were traipsing about with wilds of Michigan’s upper peninsula.  Apparently want to cap off the evening and being fond of margaritas, they stopped by one of the local establishments and tried ordering one.  Owing to the fact that neither tequila, nor… Read More »Paloma


There are few things that say summer more to me than tequila. And good tequila (not the bottle of liquid stupid that we all drank way too much of in college) needs no help. Just a warm summer evening and a glass.  It doesn’t need salt or a lime or… Read More »Rosita

High Noon

My father-in-law, one of the pioneers out Riding the Beer Trail in Oskosh, has a pretty hard and fast rule that a cocktail can’t have more than three ingredients.  A bit Spartan, but I catch his point.  Part of the gestalt  of a great cocktail is the way a few… Read More »High Noon

A margarita by any other name

As anyone who’s made my acquaintance will know, I love tequila.  Not that mixto crap that frat boys pour down coeds throats, but the good stuff. The 100% agave azul stuff. Sipped neat, without the lime, without salt.  I love it all, from the young blanco’s with their intense agave… Read More »A margarita by any other name