Pegu Club

The last post on the blog, Intro to Aperol, by Audrey Saunders at Pegu Club, got me thinking about the name sake of that establishment:  the orginal Pegu Club, in Burma. The 1930 edition of Harry Craddock’s The Savoy Cocktail Book (I have the reprint edition) describes it as “The… Read More »Pegu Club

Intro to Aperol

B & I were looking through the liquor cabinet in search of inspiration this Sunday and came across our bottle of Aperol.  A quick perusal of our blog revealed an omission of a really great cocktail gem.  Although not, in strictest terms, a vintage cocktail (originally being published around 2009,… Read More »Intro to Aperol

The Income Tax Cocktail

The tax man cometh here at CocktailswithM. And by way of balm to solace our ragged nerves, we have today’s post. After a bit of digging in to the back story on the Income Tax cocktail, I have to confess to be about as stymied  as I was on Form… Read More »The Income Tax Cocktail

Brains… Must have brains…

Even here in this happy oasis of a cocktail blog, one cannot completely escape the inexorable march of time. So, hopefully one of these will ease your forgiving this belated homage to All Hallows’ Eve.  We decided what better way to celebrate Día de Muertos than by appeasing some of… Read More »Brains… Must have brains…

The Russell Cocktail

This is a CocktailswithM first—a cocktail of our own creation.  Normally we stay away from this because 1) in more than a century of mixing a limited number of ingredients together, it’s probably already been done, and 2) if it hasn’t been written down  before, it probably sucks.   That being… Read More »The Russell Cocktail

A bitter edge

This weeks post is a bit of a departure from the usual cocktail recipe and discussion.  Instead I want to discuss something essential to so many great cocktails, which would not be terribly hyperbolic to call it the essence of a cocktail.  What, at least in my opinion, distinguishes a… Read More »A bitter edge

The Graduate

A bit of a short post in the continuing tribute to Imbibe Magazine’s quartet of “Simple Cocktails”.  Unlike the High Noon that cleverly paired several ingrediets that go very well together (tequila and triple sec, tequila and grapfruit juice, grapfruit and Campari), this cocktail takes on a more recalictrant loner… Read More »The Graduate

High Noon

My father-in-law, one of the pioneers out Riding the Beer Trail in Oskosh, has a pretty hard and fast rule that a cocktail can’t have more than three ingredients.  A bit Spartan, but I catch his point.  Part of the gestalt  of a great cocktail is the way a few… Read More »High Noon

Mai Tai Madness

Well July has been a rather busy one at work.  I know, loyal reader (yah, there probably is only one of you) is shocked to find that M is actually feigning employment.  The downside of this preoccupation with food and shelter is that it has taken a toll on the… Read More »Mai Tai Madness

The Blue Moon Cocktail

I ran across this cocktail back in the September, 2009 issue of Imbibe and decided I really should give it a try.  When you have a bottle of crème yvette or a bottle of crème de violette, you don’t pass up opportunities.  Astute cocktail drinkers will quickly recognize the similarity… Read More »The Blue Moon Cocktail