Cocktails that are based in whiskey (rye and bourbon predominantly).

Orange Season

It’s currently orange season here in California, and our orange tree has been fruitful.  This poses a bit of a challenge as orange juice is not an easy juice to make cocktails with. It tends to be too sweet and doesn’t have a flavor that pairs well with other strong… Read More »Orange Season

An autumnal tipple and a bonus…

B was in the mood for something “autumnal” when she ran across this little concoction on the Imbibe website. They found the Sinsear, the brainchild of Yvette Leeper-Bueno, owner of Vinatería in Harlem, in the Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook.  Curiously, no mention was made of the name; sinsear is Irish… Read More »An autumnal tipple and a bonus…

The Derby Cocktail

B was thumbing through Ted Haigh‘s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, when she ran across what she thought might be a tasty tipple in The Derby.  A quick perusal of the ingredients reveals that it’s awfully similar to one of our all time favorite cocktails, the Oriental Cocktail.  Basically put half… Read More »The Derby Cocktail

Blackthorn (Irish Variation)

Astute readers will recall the we previously covered another version of the Blackthorn Cocktail, but which was gin based.  In fact probably the original namesake was called the Blackthorn  after the plum-bearing shrub  that produces the sloe berry (from which we get sloe gin). Philip Greene‘s book The Manhattan …… Read More »Blackthorn (Irish Variation)

The Mother-in-Law Cocktail

A brief synopsis is Brooks Baldwin contacted him saying he had a recipe from his grandmother, one Mrs. Monte M. Lemann that she in turn had inherited it from her mother-in-law, Mrs. Lucien E. Lyons apparently just before the first World War.  Apparently the drink had no name but was made in quart quantities… Read More »The Mother-in-Law Cocktail

The Liberal

Devotees of the blog will doubtless know the esteem in which I hold the Manhattan, which is why we rather assiduously avoid frivolous knockoffs.  Devotees, however, will also know my predilection for quirky and esoteric booze, hence the conflict.  B & I wound up with a bottle of Torani Amer,… Read More »The Liberal

Champagne Whiskey Punch

Summer is the season for festive and refreshing (if slightly frivolous) imbibing with great friends.  I originally made this frivolously festive tipple a couple years back for the adherents of the Bacchic Villa after finding the recipe in an issue of Imbibe Magazine.  Apparently this marvelous potation is the creation… Read More »Champagne Whiskey Punch

The Russell Cocktail

This is a CocktailswithM first—a cocktail of our own creation.  Normally we stay away from this because 1) in more than a century of mixing a limited number of ingredients together, it’s probably already been done, and 2) if it hasn’t been written down  before, it probably sucks.   That being… Read More »The Russell Cocktail

The Graduate

A bit of a short post in the continuing tribute to Imbibe Magazine’s quartet of “Simple Cocktails”.  Unlike the High Noon that cleverly paired several ingrediets that go very well together (tequila and triple sec, tequila and grapfruit juice, grapfruit and Campari), this cocktail takes on a more recalictrant loner… Read More »The Graduate