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Cocktails that are based in whiskey (rye and bourbon predominantly).

Whoa, Nellie!

As even the occasional reader of this blog can attest, we generally are a bit circumspect when it comes to newly minted cocktails.  When we were reading Ti Adelaide Martin and Lally Brennan‘s book, In the Land of Cocktails, and they described being at Lally’s house for the first Marti Gras after Katrina… Read More »Whoa, Nellie!

The Russell Cocktail

This is a CocktailswithM first—a cocktail of our own creation.  Normally we stay away from this because 1) in more than a century of mixing a limited number of ingredients together, it’s probably already been done, and 2) if it hasn’t been written down  before, it probably sucks.   That being… Read More »The Russell Cocktail

The Graduate

A bit of a short post in the continuing tribute to Imbibe Magazine’s quartet of “Simple Cocktails”.  Unlike the High Noon that cleverly paired several ingrediets that go very well together (tequila and triple sec, tequila and grapfruit juice, grapfruit and Campari), this cocktail takes on a more recalictrant loner… Read More »The Graduate

Derby Day

As yesterday was the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, it seemed an auspicious time to revive the blog after an eleven moth hiatus, and what else could one comment on that the venerable Mint Julep.   Doubtless you are thinking that quite enough on this subject has already been written.  … Read More »Derby Day


It’s yet again been a little while since the last blog post.  In this case, there is a better reason than usual; B & I bought a house and moved.  After a frenetic few weeks, we are again feeling settled and so the urge to drink and write about it… Read More »Boulevardier

Famous Riffs

I think for the next couple of weeks, we’ll take a bit of a departure from our usual aesthetic and relive a couple our more whimsical holiday jocularities.  After that, I promise, we’ll get serious-for at least a while. So our first stop on Santa’s barhopping express (I guess when… Read More »Famous Riffs


As college towns go, it’s been my contention that we have long suffered a dearth of suitable drinking establishments.  Well, a couple of weeks ago that situation markedly improved with our new Irish public house, Devere’s. And there’s a lot to like about Devere’s Pub—a back bar fresh from Ireland… Read More »Emerald

Vieux Carré

I just realized that it’s been exactly six months since my last post.  Wow.  I knew I had been putting this off a bit, but this is even more serious procrastination that I’m normally capable of.  I definitely planned on doing this one for Fat Tuesday, but as you can… Read More »Vieux Carré