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On the way to ten…

B & I are actually mid cocktail right now (a Blackthorn to be specific).  We’ve begun discussing our ten greatest cocktails of all times.  There are a lot of tipplings, that when confronted with, you wouldn’t object to drinking.  What we are  talking about are those drinks so epic and so distinctive as to distinguish themselves.  The only problem we are having is that we are no where near ten.

After a few minutes of semi-cogent discussion, we have (in no particular order, yet):

  • The Oriental (probably our joint number 1)
  • The Sidecar
  • The Daiquiri (the real one… no blender, no strawberries)
  • The Hemmingway daiquiri (we can’t really decide yet where to draw the line between a distinct drink and a variant).
  • The Mojito (this one is riding the fence at this point)

This has already lead to some disagreement.  I would put the Manhattan at the top of my list. B can take it or leave it.  We are probably going to have two lists before it’s all over.  Also, the question arises of what to do with drinks and cocktails of a more focused appeal.  B really likes a Stinger as a nightcap or an after dinner drink.  We both frequently enjoy the whiskey and soda (seltzer, not club soda), but I wouldn’t call it a classic, great cocktail.

In this pursuit, we were going to revisit some of the previous posted drinks, explore some new ones, and even solicit recommendations from any soul so lost that they find themselves here.  Be forewarned though, if we don’t think it’s a great cocktail, we probably won’t use it.  Sorry,  just the way it is.  Oh and if anyone suggests a Cosmo, chocolatini or anything from Sex in the City, I will mock you savagely.  Again, sorry,  just the way it is.

Anyway, well have to see where this leads. It did seem odd that after 30 posts, we couldn’t come up with a top ten.


4 thoughts on “On the way to ten…”

  1. I vote for the oriental also, but then I haven’t and probably won’t make as thorough of a study of the subject as you will. Also, you probably don’t care what I would vote for, but I’m telling you anyway!

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