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Mexican Sweet Limes

Thought I would go with a quick post here. B and I bought a couple of “Mexican Sweet Limes” at the Sacramento Farmers’ Market on Sunday.  They look like a round lemon.  We decided to give them a whirl tonight with a Daiquiri.

I even decided to break out a decent rum (Appelton Estates).  I went with the basic daiquiri recipe:

  • 2 oz rum
  • 1 tsp superfine bar sugar
  • juice of half a lime (in this case the Mexican sweet limes)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Anyway, the upshot was rather disappointing.  We actually tasted the sweet lime juice straight.  It is neither tart nor particularly “citrusy” .  Kind of an unfortunate use of good rum.  We added the juice of half of a regular lime to each glass and this seemed to make them drinkable.

We’re still not sure what you would use a sweet lime for, but it’s not for daiquiris.  Probably a good general rule is that a great cocktail like a daiquiri doesn’t need tinkering with.

2 thoughts on “Mexican Sweet Limes”

  1. The sweet limes are kind of weird. They are remarkably flavorless, so I don’t think they would really be a substitute for anything. We squeezed one and tasted it without any sweetening. It tasted like water with just a hint of some kind of non-descript citrus flavor. Still, it’s kind of fun to try something new.

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