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A Civilized Respite…

Mom and Teresa flew in for Thanksgiving. Mom, fresh from Australia, and T, fresh-ish from Cuba.   After a decidedly gluttonous gorging of turkey, we set to decorating 22 feet of Christmas trees.   Obviously, with a campaign of magnitude, fortification is required.  Fortunately, T, brought me back a great souvenir from Havana’s legendary La Floridita bar, former haunt of Papa Doble, Earnest Hemingway.  It seem only fitting to christen it with Hemingway Daiquiris, a.k.a, the Papa Dobles. We have blogged them before, and they were as great as we remembered it.  Braced by our daiquiris, we are able to soldier on. The tree is festooned and we are filled with a convivial glow.  Let the holiday revelries commence.


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