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Orange Season

It’s currently orange season here in California, and our orange tree has been fruitful.  This poses a bit of a challenge as orange juice is not an easy juice to make cocktails with. It tends to be too sweet and doesn’t have a flavor that pairs well with other strong… Read More »Orange Season

An autumnal tipple and a bonus…

B was in the mood for something “autumnal” when she ran across this little concoction on the Imbibe website. They found the Sinsear, the brainchild of Yvette Leeper-Bueno, owner of Vinatería in Harlem, in the Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook.  Curiously, no mention was made of the name; sinsear is Irish… Read More »An autumnal tipple and a bonus…

The Millionaire #4

As the title intimates, this isn’t a simple story.  B found the version of which we partook tonight in Ted Haigh‘s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails. He reprises his from a 1937 version.  This, of course, sent me down the rabbit hole of unanswerable questions (25 years in science.  That… Read More »The Millionaire #4


The last throws of summer have been unrelentingly hot here, leading us to want something more on the light and refreshing side for our afternoon imbibing. We have don’t a number of spritzes already, including the the Venetian Spritz, the  Bitter Intentions and  the  Negroni Sbagliato, so we decided to… Read More »Americano

The Journalist Cocktail

As most people know, B & I are unapologetic in our assertion that the modern martini is undrinkable.  First off, it’s usually not a martini; it’s strained gin with an olive.  Secondly, I just can’t get my head around gin and dry vermouth (at say 4 or 5:1).  The martini’s… Read More »The Journalist Cocktail


We are now officially mired in the swelter of summer, leaving us languishing for the ocean breezes of the South Pacific.  Obviously, something Tiki was in order, which is ironic, since if you want islands with a long tradition of rum drinks, you’re in the wrong ocean.  Be that as… Read More »Voyager

The Tulip Cocktail

I was looking for a preprandial cocktail when I came across the Tulip in Harry Craddock’s The Savoy Cocktail Book.  It looked like a interesting combination of a few oddball things I had. Being straight out of a vintage cocktail book (ca. 1930), I figured it might need a bit… Read More »The Tulip Cocktail

French Pearl

I was flipping through Twitter yesterday when I noticed an interesting tweet about a cocktail called a French Pearl from the self-described “dowager bartender and industry Den mother”, Audrey Saunders.  She also happens to be a pillar of the cocktail world and proprietor of the New York’s legendary Pegu Club. … Read More »French Pearl

The Running of the Gins

Recently B connected two saliently fortuitous details. 1) Our cocktail bookshelf has at least two volumes dedicated to gin, and 2) we have a copious examples of gins in our cabinet. Seemed  like a prime opportunity for a couple of academics to make a scholarly study of the subject. And… Read More »The Running of the Gins

Hanky Panky Cocktail

As a tribute to the recently celebrated International Women’s Day, we thought we would give today’s cocktail, the Hanky Panky cocktail, a whirl.  It’s creation was credited to one Ada Coleman, the head bartender at the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel from 1903 to 1925 and one of only… Read More »Hanky Panky Cocktail